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    Omg chill

    this is some airbending shit right here

    what is this from pls?

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  4. > late at night

    > only one awake

    > tumblr image set of ghosts in photographs



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    Rugrats was really twisted.


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    Our development team was working on a content management system for a corporate client. It was a big system that administered units produced in a variety of languages and applications and, as a result, required careful user interface design and a lot of backend code.

    We were doing a show and tell with our partially working system for a couple of corporate VPs to get their feedback on the design. We took a lunch break, and when we got back, the two VPs said they had something they wanted to show us.

    They proudly presented a series of PowerPoint slides that showed where they wanted the buttons and pick lists placed.

    Client: There, see? This is the arrangement that makes the most sense to us. Can you do this?

    Me: Certainly.

    Client: You know, I really don’t understand why it takes your team so long to design these interfaces. We knocked this out in about an hour.

    The entire team sat stunned until the senior programmer—a man of very few words—pointed to a button on the PowerPoint screen.

    PROGRAMMER: What does this button do?

    Client: Well, clearly it administers the training and testing selected by the user.

    PROGRAMMER: If I click it right now, it will do that?

    Client: Well … no. Actually, it doesn’t do anything yet.

    PROGRAMMER: That’s why it only took you an hour. 

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  7. plays: 31,826




    k. seriously. anxiety every damn time this shit played

    This is literally the exact opposite of Satsuki’s theme

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  8. A Work in Futility: The WeLoveFine Experience


    As many of you are well aware, WeLoveFine is a shirt company that boosts “T-Shirts designed by fans for fans” motto. Their slogan and idea is simple enough, hire fans/artists to work with their acquired licenses and selling those shirts to said fans/artists.

    They hold design contests that allow them to gain a better idea of what will sell and in turn lead artists on with the promise that they may potentially be hire by WLF under their MightyFineArtist program - a program that would allow artists to submit their work whenever and to gain commission from their art rather than one fixed flat rate.

    The MFA is invite only but WLF insists that if an artist holds enough contest wins under their belt that they may be admitted into the program. They claim that they treat their artists fairly however, this ultimately isn’t how it goes down over at WLF.

    More under the cut:

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  9. thank you sketch to kev for pledging 10 bucks to my Patreon [linku]


  10. mondoodoo:

    so i was looking up off bug spray ads and i was expecting to see some lady on a lawn chair with a bottle of bug spray but instead i saw


    then i came across this gem


    and this last one was pure gold


    god bless you off bug spray


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