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  1. Give 5 facts about yourself then pass it on to your favorite 10 followers.


    So dinnysura tagged me to do this I guess, It’ll probably be dumb but.

    1. I very recently took up knitting to make a gift for someone and got a tad stressed out, but picking it up again just for myself I’m finding it fairly relaxing and enjoyable.

    2. I have a major obsession with Red Pandas and very much want to one day make the trip to one of the zoo’s that let you have hands on encounters with them.

    3. I love to read and am pretty fast at it, I finish most books in a single sitting.

    4. As a teenager I apparently spoke with a strong American accent as I would constantly have people asking me when I moved to Australia :/

    5. I am extremely accident prone and it is a running joke at work about how I constantly hurt myself.

    That was harder then I thought it would be
    I don’t have ten people so I’m just gonna tag leadhooves

    I almost forgot about your freakish reading speed lol.

     Will do this when I get home I guess


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    The most flawless. 

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  3. I feel terrible


  4. I complain about the small things because I don’t want to weigh people down with the big ones


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  6. Proper ref sheet of kneady… will color soon


  7. I was a fool once too… I signed up for the facebook bronies group in the early days of the fandom looking for people to talk to and I never figured out how to stop being in it so I just automatically sent any mail from there to a folder I can clear later… I haven’t checked it in a long while and this greets me… I don’t even want to know what it says


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    What the hell is this show?

    2 Men 1 Staw

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  10. Huh I actually gained a couple of followers. Well just a warning that this blog gets extremely random when I’m not actually drawing and that my art only blog, leaddoodles , exists